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Terms & Conditions for Running Adventures.

Cancellation and Refunds

Kim Collison Ltd reserves the right to cancel, delay or postpone a running adventure due to unforeseen circumstances out of its control these circumstances fall under Force Majeure. 

Force Majeure: Refunds are not liable in circumstances beyond our control which leads to cancellation. This includes but is not limited to changes due to war, threat of war, acts of terrorism, civil strife, strikes, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather.

Please note that whilst every effort is made to stick to the agreed running adventure date and time, occasionally something may happen to prevent this. In such an occurrence, Kim Collison Ltd will let you know at the earliest opportunity and either offer a full refund of the booking with the offer of discount on a further booking, as detailed below, or find a suitable replacement guide so your adventure can still take place.  Please note that this will be the full extent of Kim Collison Ltd running adventures liability.

If another running adventure is booked within one calendar year of the cancelled tour the following refunds will apply. 

• 31 – 90 days prior: Discount on next tour of 10%

• 8 – 30 days prior: Discount on next tour 25%

• 7 days or less: Discount on next tour 50%.

Kim Collison Ltd appreciates that participants sometimes have to cancel booked places or running adventures due to unforeseen circumstances. All cancellations have to be made in writing and sent by email. Cancellation assessments will be calculated on the day Kim Collison Ltd receives your notification. If cancelling, the following policy will apply:

90 + days prior: Full refund.

31 – 90 days prior: Cancellation charge of 25%

• 8 – 30 days prior: Cancellation charge of 50%

• 7 days or less: Cancellation charge of 100%.

If a further running adventure is made within one calendar year of the cancelled running adventure ( such as having to deferred place due to injury) the following discounts will be applied.

• 31 - 90 days prior: Discount on next tour of 10%

• 8 – 30 days prior: Discount on next tour 25%

• 7 days or less: Discount on next tour 50%.

Privacy Policy

Personal details provided to Kim Collison Ltd as part of your booking will only be used by Kim Collison Ltd in connection with administration of your running adventure. Your personal data will not under any circumstances be sold or lent to third parties. An email address is required for all participants.  All correspondence will be via email unless otherwise requested.

Photographs of the running adventure will be taken by Kim Collison Ltd and may be used for publicity purposes (such as social media/website). Please let Kim Collison Ltd know in writing at time of booking if you would prefer your photos not to be used for publicity purposes

Please note that by making a booking you give permission for Kim Collison Ltd to pass on any personal information you have provided to medical services during the activity if necessary.

Participant Declaration

Minimum age of booking is 18 years unless accompanied by consenting guardian. Please contact before booking to make sure we can create an appropriate adventure. 

Kim Collison Ltd will take its responsibility to make it’s running adventures as safe as reasonably  practical. Please note that running off road will involve running on loose, uneven and rocky terrain. By booking a running adventure you acknowledge that any form of adventurous running activity is potentially hazardous and you accept a certain level of risk. 

You should not take part unless properly trained and capable of completing the running adventure.  Please seek expert medical advice before booking. You must inform Kim Collison Ltd of any medical conditions which might impact on your safety before the running adventure. 

You accept that it is your sole responsibility to make sure you are medically fit and capable of running/ hiking the distance and terrain of your running adventure. Transfer of booking to another participant is prohibited. You may also want to check your travel insurance covers this kind of activity before you make a booking.

Kim Collison Ltd, reserves the right to stop you from taking part if deemed unfit to run before, or at any point during, the adventure. If necessary, medical treatment while attending an adventure will be sought from UK emergency services. Due to the remote nature of the adventures, this help may take some time before they can provide assistance.

The weather can be changeable and challenging in the Lake District. Participants must wear or carry the minimum kit requirements advised by Kim Collison Ltd and the adventure guide will advise participants not suitably dressed not to take part in the running adventure. No refund will be offered to the participant in this situation. 

You acknowledge that the running adventures are not risk free and that participation in a running adventure is entirely at your own risk and by booking the running adventure you acknowledge that Kim Collison Ltd is not liable for any injury, loss, death or damage arising from your participation.


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