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Jumping for joy at helping GB to Bronze medal

Be Inspired by the achievements of others, dream of your own challenges and look for the support which make these ambitions a reality. I love the huge sense of satisfaction I get when I cross the finish line when all the hard work is done and I know I've done the best I possibly can. Over the last decade there has been nothing better than seeing young people leave Outward Bound with a huge smile knowing they have been part of an adventure. I now enjoy sharing those moments with athletes running faster or further.

The coaching process will first look at getting to understand you; because we all have our own values, motivations, goals and commitments. I will work collaboratively with you to build a relationship where I can help you achieve your goals. 

We are all on different paths of our journey. Whether you are trying trail running for the first time, exploring the freedom of fell running, contemplating an ultra, wishing to run faster, run further or taking on a multi day expedition adventure race. I can provide the support, knowledge, experience, motivation to help you on your path to success.

Using theory and practical experience I will devise a practical training plan based around your available time, stage of development, location and objectives; we will look at the big picture to meet a long term goal. This will then be broken down into blocks of training and recovery to fit round your lifestyle. We will both review your progress; your daily feedback on sessions being a valuable source of information. I believe in flexibility and adapting a plan on a regular basis to achieve the best results.

There is no denying this will take hours of passion, dedication, finding solutions, perseverance and teamwork but the amazing feeling of success will make it all worthwhile. I hope I can be part of your team.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Chinese Proverb

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